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SOLA (Social Layer) - Another Way To Monetize Your Digital Contents On Decentralized Social Platform

What is Sola ?

Now-a-days Steemit is very successful in its way. Thousands of bloggers earn over $1000 everyday by blogging on steemit platform. Sola is not very similar to Steemit , but, a common thing is that you can earn on both platforms by sharing your thoughts & creative contents. Steemit is a blogging platform, but, Sola is a social sharing network where you can share anything and people do endorse your digital contents with real money. Both steemit and Sola are decentralized social platform.
From it's whitepaper -
Sola is the next generation decentralized social platform that incentivizes
and benefis all involved parties — users, third-party developers and the core
team. The name Sola is an acronym for “social layer.”
Sola is an open ecosystem, which means that most of its source code will be
made open source and available for audit, improvement and usage by anyone.
This document outlines Sola’s fundamental principles, structure and its
economic and usage aspects for involved parties.
Sola doesn’t use the concept of following. It spreads information like a viral disease to the most interested users, applying AI algorithms combined with users reactions. Quality content can easily reach the whole Sola user base. Users post news, stories and entertainment cards, Sola takes care of the rest.

SOL Token

To empower Sola economy Sola Fondation issues SOL tokens based on the ERC20
standard. Long-term viability of a platform depends on the viability of
its economy and it is essential to be able to control it and inflence its
value with our own growing economy, development and overall progress.
SOL is a pure utility token and the only currency used for transactions on
the Sola platform:
• Possession of a token has no benefits other than monetary;
• Sola ecosystem exclusively uses SOL for transactions;
• Revenue in other currencies is converted into
SOL through crypto exchanges;
• Users’ and developers’ earnings and rewards are provided in SOL;
• Third-party services built on the Sola platform should use SOL;
• Purchasing of additional services on Sola app (cards exposed
to more users, action points, ad-free experience).

Every user earns on their content

Sola generates revenue from advertising, user payments and partnerships and splits it with users, providing a strong financial incentive to use the service and create quality content, that results in further revenue increase.

Decentralized, immutable platform

Any user can host Sola node on their computer; they’ll receive a reward for each post delivered to the end user. Decentralized architecture makes Sola nearly immune to blocking and censorship, while keeping costs low. Without a central authority, once launched, the network cannot be shut down.

How to monetize your digital contents on Sola?

At first do registration on Sola web app. You may use my referral link here :


You need to verify your account through SMS verification system. It eliminates spams and fake accounts creations.Then Login to your Sola account. You may use either web app on your pc/laptop or, android/ios app on your mobile. Now follow these simple steps to monetize your digital contents on Sola-
  1. Now click on "Compose" button upper right corner of the screen. Or, navigate to this link.
  2. Add your thoughts or digital contents
  3. Now click on the "Post to World" on the upper right corner on the screen.
To get further help please, visit

What's different between SOL and AP?

On your dashboard you may find some SOL and AP. You can only withdraw SOL from your wallet. And you can only convert your SOL to AP. What is SOL and AP ? SOL is a cryptocurrency that you can earn for creating relevant content at Sola. When users endorse cards and comments they find interesting, an author gets an amount of SOL equal to an amount of AP, spent on the endorsement. And AP or Attention Points are the points you earn when attracting attention to the app by logging in, browsing through, and sharing information outside. You can spend AP to create content and to endorse cards and comments you find interesting.


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