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"royalmacro" trail short update - Disord Channel is now opened [Plz Join]

I launched a curation trail on streemian. The name of the trail is the same of my steemit username "royalmacro". Actually, we need a community where we shall discuss, teach newbies and help undervalued Indian author's posts. There are already a few channels on - "India, firepower, Being-Good etc.". I have also started another channel called "royalmacro-trail". Here we Indians can also discuss & promote posts. And good posts from members of the trail will be upvoted by the trail.  And now, I just run another chat channel on discord app "Royalmacro Curation"  Join Here How to promote your posts on discord channel ? 1. You must join both trail & channel. 2. Discuss with moderators to know the rules & regulations on "general" channel. 3. Place your post links on "post-promotion" channel. 4. If moderators & curators choose your post and nominate it for curation then your post link

An important update : All trail members must read it

At first I beg pardons for my disappearance from steemit platform time to time. But, this is not my main business nor a source of income. All day I remain active and busy on software development, Forex/Options trading, Crypto trading & ICO investments. So, I have a very less time to give time on this trail to operate it smoothly. I can only invest which I had already started.  From  now I declare that every month I will power up at least 8K to 10K SP (if I find a great profitability then I'll increase the amount).  I think it will definitely help the community. But, the amount which I have to invest is much in India, about 11,88,000 INR per month yet to be invested. So, if I continue it for 1 year then I have to invest about 1,42,56,000 INR. Which is a huge amount. So, in the near future whales supports will not be necessary. This makes a good sound for community but it tends to a huge responsibility too. And I have shortage of my time. So, I need some help from you. Which

Some Close Shots of An Unknown Herb

Somedays ago, I visited a crop field nearby my hometown. There I captured some beautiful natural beauties. So, I've decided to share -   Tags : Nature, Photography, Flowers & Plants photography, Landscape photography, Macro Photography,  This Post Was Published On My Steemit Blog . Please, navigate to steemit and cast a free upvote to help me if you like my post. First Time heard about Steemit ? Click Here To Know Everything About Steemit 

What I Learnt Today : 10 Unknown Amazing Facts About Animals - Part LVIII

image credit (1) Snakes smell with their tongue. (2) The placement of the eyes of a donkey makes it to see all four of its legs at all the times. (3) In general, Asiatic jerboas have five toes on their back feet and African jerboas have three. (4) The praying mantis is the only insect that can turn its head 360 degrees. praying mantis   image credit (5) Dogs will sneeze to tell other dogs that they’re playing, so when they’re playing rough it doesn’t turn into a fight. (6) Cats and horses are highly susceptible to black widow spider venom, but dogs are relatively resistant. Sheep and rabbits are apparently immune. (7) A dik-dik is a tiny antelope that lives in East Africa, Namibia and Angola.   black widow spider dik-dik   image credit (8) There is a shark called ‘goblin shark’ which has only been seen around 50 times since its discovery in 1897. (9) Cheetahs were trained by man for hunting as long as 3000 BC. (10) Millions of trees are accidentally planted

My Original Poem - look back

 Now come the night  I turn into the dark.  The hidden tears in the rain  This is her very trying period. Came through the open window  Warm to cold obsession. Today, on the banks  of the memory of the dream corpse  You are the joy of the first raft. Your marble dust and leaves  He is a light dream home country.  And suddenly fights with section  The boat, which washed away a different direction. I alone so far, I wish  Deep irrepressible desire heart  I want to return to play in the Almighty  One evening stories.  Tags : Poems, Poetry, Abstract, Art, Life,  This Post Was Published On My Steemit Blog . Please, navigate to steemit and cast a free upvote to help me if you like my post. First Time heard about Steemit ? Click Here To Know Everything About Steemit 

Hunting emeralds [Day 4] & Hidden Object Contest With Prize Money 2 SBD

I like to play always with crypto tokens. I'm now playing a funny game to collect bits. What is bits ? 1 bit = 100 satoshi. And what is the game ? The game is trading, ICO investment & blogging on steemit. My target is to collect around 333333 bits per installment. Total number of installments is fixed at 3333.  Here, I imagine 333333 bits = 1 emerald So, I have to hunt 3333 emeralds. My treasure hunting is going on ... Today's Stats: New hunts : <=>  2017-06-28 16:54:03 ->  1 emerald  Total Hunts :  5 emeralds Do not touch my treasures : Find out the 10 hidden objects from the following picture within 24 hours and win  2 SBD  prize money. Only first finder will be paid. > Picture is collected from online games site  hidden4fun My Avatar :) Tags : Steemit, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Funny, Contest,  This Post Was Published On My Steemit Blog . Please, navigate to steemit and cast a free upvote to help me if you like

A short update of "royalmacro" trail

Today I was so busy as I had an appointment with my optometrist. So, all day long I disappeared from steemit. Now, I just purchased  8K Steem Power at avg. price $1.98  and powering down already them.  Now, I've 13537 SP . This is my first and little investment to taste the water. After researching if I get positive sign then I'll decide to make further investments, may be big investments in the near future. Now, I just want to give a little update of my trail --- 1. The target of "royalmacro" trail is to acquire at least 100K Stem Power. 2. Only cast votes to undervalued good posts of trail members. 3. Always try to keep Voting Power as high as possible. 4. If Voting Power is going down under 60% then it requires to take a rest until get the full power. 5. After gaining at least 50K SP it'll require more rules and regulations to keep the community clean. 6. If any member disable curating on the trail he will marked as inactive curator and shall

What I Learnt Today : 10 Unknown Amazing Facts About Animals - Part LVII

  image credit (1) In Croatia, scientists discovered that lampposts were falling down because a chemical in the urine of male dogs was rotting the metal. (2) Infant Pygmy Marmosets babble to develop their language skills, similarly to the way human babies babble. (3) The Mayans and Aztecs symbolised every tenth day with the dog, and those born under this sign were believed to have outstanding leadership skills. (4) Remember that saber-toothed squirrel from Ice Age that paleontologists thought was completely ridiculous and based on nothing.   saber-toothed squirrel from Ice Age animated film   image credit (5) Two-toed sloths cannot shiver to stay warm like other mammals due to their low metabolic rates and little muscle tissue. (6) African buffalo herds display voting behavior, in which individuals register their travel preference by standing up, looking in one direction and then lying back down. Only adult females can vote. (7) The color red doesn’t really make bull
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