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Affected Users Can Now Recover Their Steemit Account

Steemit Cyber Attack Analysis Is Being Finalized

from themerkle news desk I share this news here :

The Steemit platform breach that occurred last week is still being  resolved as we speak. The operators of the platform announced a new  security announcement, as account recovery has now officially begun.  There are a few simple steps users need to take to access their old  account again. Moreover, the returning of stolen funds is coming to a  close soon as well. 

 When the Steemit platform  got hacked last week, many people were concerned about the security of  this concept. As it turns out, only a select few accounts were  compromised in the process. Thanks to swift action, the threat was  thwarted at an early stage. Stolen fundswere kept to a minimum as well, thankfully. Users who have had their accounts compromised can now begin the recovery process. There is an account recovery page,  where users can enter their old password. After logging in through  social media or the used email address, users will be granted a chance  to create a new account password. Steemit users who authenticate  through Facebook or Reddit should see their accounts restored  immediately. Those who use an email and password combination will  receive further instructions shortly after filling out the form. It is  good to see the company take additional security precautions, as new  passwords have to be at last 32 characters long.. Time to get that LastPass or other password manager working!
On the topic of users who have had  funds stolen, the Steemit team is in the process of finalizing the  analysis of the July 14th cyber attack. Figuring out how much funds has  been stolen from each account has taken some time, but the final numbers  will be coming in shortly. As promised earlier, the platform operators  will refund every user out of their own pocket. Incidents like these are bound to  happen when platforms become incredibly popular in such a short  timespan. Luckily for Steemit, there was no real harm done, albeit the  financial losses and compromised accounts should not be taken lightly.  With these new security measures in place, business can be resumed as  normal. 
from themerkle news desk I share this news here :

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