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Newslink : Some Technology News Links [Episode 1]

Georgia Tech Researchers Succeed in Creating Permanent 4D Printed Objects 

image credit : the merkle
Whereas the vast majority of the world is focused on 3D printing, some  scientists and engineers are looking at the fourth dimension. Georgia  Tech is one of the first institutions to allow for shapeshifting 3D  printing. This technology is known as 4D printing, as it allows objects  to change shape once it comes off the printing bed. An intriguing  development, especially when considering how objects can transform  through the use of heat. 4D Printing Will Be The Next Frontier While 3D  printing is quite appealing to a lot of consumers, not all of the prints  come out the way creators
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Inmates Hide Self-Built Computers and Abuse Staff Credentials to Surf the Web 

image credit : the merkle
Prison staff in Ohio came across a rather interesting discovery  recently. As it turns out, two inmates who were responsible for  dismantling and recycling old PCs – as part of the prison work program –  successfully managed to build new computers out of these used parts.  They then went on to hide the machines in the ceiling of a training  room. A rather interesting story, to say the least. Inmates Know How To  Build PCs It is worth noting this story dates back to 2015, yet for some  unknown reason, the information has only been made public now. Two  inmates
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What is a BIP? 

image credit : the merkle
People who have been paying close attention to the bitcoin ecosystem may  have noticed developers often talk about a “BIP”. However, most people  have no idea what this abbreviation even means or what it entails  exactly. A BIP is an improvement to the bitcoin ecosystem, which can be  proposed by developers or anyone else who has some coding knowledge.  BIPs Are An Integral Part of Bitcoin The term BIP stands for Bitcoin  Improvement Proposal. It is quite an interesting abbreviation, as BIP  sounds like something else might be going on. However, the Bitcoin  Improvement Proposal is a standard to submit
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Top 3 End-to-end Encrypted Messaging Apps Everyone Should Use

image credit : the merkle
It is evident there will be a growing need for communication  applications that provide users with privacy and encryption. Quite a few  such platforms exist, as many companies focus on end-to-end encryption  these days. Below is a brief overview of some of the more prominent  encrypted communications apps people  use today. 3. Silent Phone While  most people focus on communicating through WhatsApp, Telegram, and  Facebook messenger – all of which offer encrypted communication – there  are plenty of alternative solutions out there as well. Silent Phone is  one of those applications that will provide users with additional  privacy whenever
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Privacy Phone vs CallCoin vs XCoinCall

image credit : the merkle
In the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, there are plenty of  innovative services to be found. Paying for phone calls with bitcoin has  been one particular industry where a lot of success can be gained.  Unfortunately, several companies have been forced to shut down their  bitcoin phone-oriented services due to regulatory measures. Luckily, a  few options still remain to this very day. 3. Privacy Phone Most people  will have never heard of this service, even though it is a venture  launched by FreedomPop a few years ago. The objective of the Privacy  Phone is to provide communication privacy in the
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Innovative Idea Website Takes the Internet by Storm

image credit : the merkle
A new website called brings together users from all around  the world to request and give ideas, creating public idea lists for  anyone to view. With everyone in mind, takes a great twist  in making it useful for all markets. I will be discussing a website that  I recently came across named which I must say that I find  very intriguing. I came across this website just when I was thinking of  what surprise this technological century can still come up with. This  site is an online platform where you can get ideas for your daily  endeavors,
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Earn Bitcoin by playing free fun games (non gambling)

To earn bitcoin by playing free games is very exciting. Here I give a list of all games I searched on Google. 1.  SatoshiQuiz  :SatoshiQuiz is a quiz website where users win bitcoin for correctly answering questions from various categories.. You can earn 100 to 1000 satoshi per winning quiz.  Try the new android app and get 5000 satoshis.  Download   Min withdrawal amount is 11000 satoshis & Processed once every week on Sunday.1000 satoshi fees deducted per withdrawal to prevent abuse. Premium account fees is 100000 satoshis per month.   2.  Bitcoin Riddles  :Solve riddles presented in YouTube videos and if you are the first to get the correct answer you win a prize in BTC! Minimum withdrawal is 100 bits. After signup you will get free 10 bits.  3.  Sparkprofit  : Spark Profit aims to be the world's most rewarding app! It teaches you how to profitably trade on the financial markets, and pays you cash rewards when you do well. Platform : Windows, Mac, Android &

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Dota2 Forum Hacked and 1,923,972 Million User Data Stolen

Dota2 developer forum has endured an enormous security breach in which individual data of almost 2 million registered clients has been stolen! The official engineer discussion of Dota2 (Defense of the Ancients 2), multiplayer online fight field computer game endured a monstrous information rupture in which individual information of 1,923,972 million clients was stolen.  The information rupture occurred on July tenth, 2016 in which messages, IP addresses, usernames, client identifier and hashed passwords were gotten to and stolen and conveyed to LeakedSource by an obscure sender on August ninth, 2016.  As indicated by their blog entry, LeakedSource information mining organization expressed that passwords were put away utilizing MD5 hashing and a salt. The scientists could change over 80% of them to their plaintext shapes.  The Dota2 designers have recognized the hack and reset the passwords for all gathering client accounts. The security notice illuminates that clients

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  image credit (1) Japanese Macaques make snowballs for fun. (2) The chevrotain is an animal that looks like a tiny deer with fangs. (3) Turritopsis nutricula Immortal jellyfish is the only species known to live forever. (4) One million stray dogs and 500,000 stray cats live in New York City metropolitan area. Turritopsis nutricula Immortal jellyfish   image credit (5) Nine-banded armadillos always give birth to identical quadruplets. (6) The flying frog uses flaps of skin between its toes to glide. (7) It takes a sloth two weeks to digest its food.   Nine-banded armadillo   flying frogs   image credit (8) A narwhal tusk is actually an exaggerated front left tooth, and unlike most teeth, it's soft and sensitive on the outside with a tough interior. (9) Humpback whales create the loudest sound of any living creature. (10) The slowest mammal on earth is the tree sloth. It only moves at a speed of 6 feet (1.83 meters) per minute. sloth narwhal tusk   i
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